Google Adsense Ad On Website

I saw your posting about the Google AdSense Ad’s on my web site on the make over posting. So to clear the other posting and keep it on thread,I have created a thread here to answer your question.

Yes I do have the Google AdSense on my site. But, I was able to regulate it to inspectors outside of Ohio. :slight_smile: I have not received any payment for it at this time,and I really do not to expect any. ***BUT, ***because I have Google on my sites. The Google spiders are liking my sites a whole lot better than with out them. End results? better page placement. I do not pay for Google Adwords. But at this time I have “7” placements on the Google search for my area. I know sites that are paying and only have “1”. Does it work? Maybe,and Maybe not.:wink:

Hello Mark,

I personally do not like them, make your website look like a pop-up configuration…just my opinion…:smiley:

Now the “Inspect before you invest”…wow!..:shock:


I’ll start clicking them and we can split the money?

It does work- Yahoo has a similar program as well- both are viable


At 12:05am EST I went to your site and was able to source your competitors in Ohio. Not knowing your county I just selected a few counties and was able to view many Ohio inspectors from the Find A Local Inspector Ad next to one for a home inspection school.

You may want to check this again.


That is all it takes to distract someone and the next thing you know your advertising for the others.