Pay per click ads

I’m considering running PPC ads; can anyone offer any insight on your success with this? Have you used a company to run the campaigns?

I’ve been using Google adwords for very many years. All I can say is it pays for itself.

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I ran a few last year. They always used up my set budget but I never got much for results. That said, I was setting them up myself and there are a lot of different things you can do wrong.


Not everyone has the time and skills at start to manage their own campaign, that said 99.9% of the time, providers are focused on set it and forget it at least 29 days out of the month. If they manage $1500 they plan to make 500-1000 for near nothing. I speak from hands on experience from the marketing industry.

Perhaps retain a service for setup and 90 days management then take it from there.

Expect to spend up to $100 for every closed client acquired and do not expect much repeat business out of that angle as it is typically one offs until 15 years when a child needs a house inspected. It is a safe number to spend and make at the same time for most people.

The most failures occur from people thinking they will spend and budget $10 and get leads.

I am quite advanced. My yearly spend on ads alone reaches near $50,000, not counting organic, maps, and related seo marketing.

Be prepared to grab the phone when it rings…it is a race
Fix your voicemail message
Use your experience and sell sell and convert every call.
Convince the prospect you are the best and will truly treat them like family.
Offer something more, deliver more value. **people do not want a pdf, they want an extra 20 minutes of your time. They want a report that works for them. They want an inspector that is on time, writes a clear thorough and accurate report with care.

Sorry if I rambled; best of luck. Plan to spend at least $500-$1000 monthly to break into the race.
Save and review your data
Build up negative keyword list daily


Great feedback Dennis! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, I appreciate it!


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I used Yelp! Ads as my staple advertising. I have $1000/month budget and land about 10-15 jobs a month with them. With my average inspection fee just under 500$ I’m making back over 5x my investment. With google ads I’ve had less luck but still spending between 500-750 a month with them and land 5 or so a month. Recurring business from realtors is still my my bread and butter.