Google is helping small business with websites

Google Inc. is offering to help small businesses set up their own websites free in hopes of encouraging them to get online.

Google also is joining with Intuit Inc., which will build the sites using its software tools. It is hosting free sessions about websites and online marketing May 31 and June 1 at Chicago Illuminating Co., 19 E. 21st St. To sign up, visit

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You should have posted this in the “Illinois Inspectors” section. :wink:

Which is where?
This is for all small business Jeff but thanks for the comment.:slight_smile:

I was JK on the Illinois section. Bob.

If you read your own link, it is for Illinois SB only.

The seminar is and it is not just for inspectors Jeff.
You can get a free site and help from Google wherever you are.
I am going to plan on attending myself and there is no reason you can’t attend so we can get that Italian Beef together…:slight_smile:

Will attend and take notes to share with any NACHI bros not able to be present.

Will kill me to stop my present busy streak.(fingers crossed)

I can’t see how Adding more business sites to Google will help you or me. There’s only room for X number of sites on any page, especially page one.

I understand it is not just for inspectors, but for any SB. I didn’t think you posted the article here so your local Florist or Used Car Dealer would see it!

The inference is for Illinois SB only (at this time). The only mention of elsewhere is it states that “Google has done this in other markets”.

I’d love to “knock down a few beefs” with you Bob, but I have family flying in on the 2nd, and it would be too tight of a schedule. Perhaps later this summer!?

…Which beef would the preferred beef? Al’s and Mr. Beef seemed to have more reputation than flavor, and portillos, which everyone from here claims is the best seems to have pepper as it’s only flavoring. So far Johnny’s seems to be the best I’ve came across. So, what do you say as a real Chicago dweller?

I agree with you, but driving in from Minnesota, I usually don’t get there until after midnight, and this is the ONLY place in town… (btw… I was born on the Northside and raised on the Southside)…

Johnny’s at Harlem and North is one of the best and the Hot Dogs with fries is still under $2 with lines outside all year long.
You gotta get the combo as they put just a perfect amount of Char in it.

Sweet Peppers and ketchup on my Beef with a Johnny’s choc shake while sitting outside talking to strangers is a fun activity but on my diet am avoiding lately.

Many old favorites are gone but Jimmies at Pulaski and Grand has a killer polish with Giant greasy fries and “no ketchup” or they kill you (not even for fries) as you gotta go to McDonalds where they get requests so much they started charging for packets.

Hard not to love Weiners circle in Lincoln Park where they insult you with giant put downs in public as you order you cheddar burger and cheddar fries which are swimming in the stuff and you gain 10 LBs just looking at it while watching the sidewalk freak show 2:00am after a night out.

Man all the street fairs are starting so gonna be hitting the fresh corn on the cobb while listening to all the local music and in July hit Summerfest with the “world famous” Cream Puffs along with 25 cent flavored milk.

Been living on Homemade Hunters stew that I am sure is made by little old ladies in back, on fresh baked Polish rye and lightly breaded white fish pre cooked from Wally’s Market.

I will not go there .
Had the worst fast food of my life there the last few times and it has been at least 5 years as they hire young kids that screw it up.

No young kids at 2:30 AM… just the oldtimers! :wink:

Since we got sidetracked by food…:mrgreen:…back on topic? :cool:

The idea of having multiple sites on page 1 is simple…eliminate your competition from the first page. Granted, that has become more difficult with the promotion of the Maps/Local results coming up first. But the thought is if you own spots 1-10 on page 1, who do you think consumers are going to call?

Don’t pay attention to Jeff, he’s a troublemaker.

Slow down Bob, you’re gonna kill yourself.

I understand that. I, and assuming Google, am referring to adding more businesses in general to Google search. Not adding multiple sites from the Same business.

People die when they retire and I never will.

You’re right about that! I’m in Florida for a few days dealing with dead retired people everywhere. I think when people retire, they die and move to Florida.:stuck_out_tongue:

Further proof that warm climates Kill people.
Cold air preserves everything so I am moving to Alaska.
Sarah Palin is actually 80 years old.