OK, so here it goes. About 6 months ago, I started trying to figure out how to get decent search results on google. I used all of the tips and tricks I found here and spent weeks trying to learn enough to make a difference, with limited success. Since then I have found a company that does it all for you and really gets results. They actually guarantee first page google results and it happens in days or weeks, not months. Yes there is a cost associated, but 1 extra inspection a month will take care of that.

Ok, now having read almost every post on this forum, I am ready for the backlash from the do it yourselfers. And that is ok. Keep doing it yourself.

If you don’t want to take the time away from doing inspections, let me know and I can get you set up with them.

Probably would work even better if you had a website…



Which city and state do you operate from?

It’s either Kansas City or St. Louis (was suppose to move there by the end of the year)


Dude ,I type in your name and home inspection to find you with a full page of free listings from NACHI so do you mean Chris here at NACHI?

Type “SEO” into a Google search: does their company come up in the first page of results?

I actually took down my website about a month ago. I have one customer that I do inspections for in Kansas City and St Louis. It is an investment group and I do 6 to 8 a week for them, so I really didn’t need the website anymore.

And like I said if you are not interested, thats OK, i am just offering up the information. If you want to do it all yourself I understand, I would rather enjoy my free time.

Taking down your website is definitely a sure sign of success.

What a brutally judgmental group. How do you define yourself, by how you spend your time working- or by how you spend your free time. My work week starts on Monday morning around 11 and finishes on Wed afternoon. And I love the fact that I don’t have to answer the price shopper calls all week long. I just sayin

Kelly you are endorsing someone with zero information to us.
How is this guy helping you in any way or is it a friend just starting out ?

It is a large seo company. They have been doing web design and seo for 5 years. Everyone there is google certified. I a of m a longtime friend one of their reps and have seen them move a site to page 1 in under a week.

go to and look at the bottom half of the page and watch the micro marketing site video. It explains what they do.

Their own website / domain was only created on August 5th of this year, is only registered for a single year, and has a ranking of over 3 million.

It does not show up in the first 10 pages of a google search for SEO companies.
It does not show up in the first 5 pages of a google search for website design companies.
It does not show up in the first 5 pages of a google search for website development companies.

And we would want to pay hundreds of dollars of our own money for these types of results?

Yea. That’s what happens when someone comes in here with no history and no web presence and starts spamming about SEO providers.

You mean that we should watch the video with the M.C. Hammer theme that has been viewed a total of seven times before me?

The one that is hosted on the web domain which was created in August of this year?

The one that has a ranking in the 3 million range?

Is that the one you’re spamming us with?

Hi Kevin,

There is no such thing as Google SEO Certified. They do have Google Ads Certification which is talked about here:

There are a lot of great SEO companies out there. There’s even more bad ones. So guys here have to play it safe. If you found a good company, that’s awesome. Just list some sites they’ve done and keywords that they rank high for. The information for your site would be great.

Also, it’s not possible to move a site from nothing to page 1 within a week. You can move an existing site with good content up for a new keyword that doesn’t have much competition though.

You also might want to check your site. which is listed in your profile is down.

They do guarantee their results. I am just putting the info out there. Honestly after reading all of the previous threads on this site, I expected nothing less than what was illustrated in all of the responses. Call it spam, doubt that they can produce, generally just be suspicious of everything and everyone. That is what America is built on.

dmaricic, As i explained earlier, I am only doing inspections for one customer and removed my site several months ago.

Got it, I missed that post. Thanks.

Why would you knowingly put yourself through the scrutiny of this MB. You know how we vet out vendors here.