Google ranks FindanInspector.US 6/10!

Google has a simple page ranking system 1/10 being poor, 9/10 being great. To see the page rank of any website you have to go to, hit the more link, then even more link, then scroll down to toolbar, download the google toolbar to your browser, enable PageRank, visit any page on the internet in your browser, then roll your cursor over the PageRank horizontal graph bar.

6/10 is very good. Comparably is ranked 4/10 and is ranked 5/10. Just one of our consumer search sites is ranked higher than a major inspection industry message board and association’s site.


I Have Page Rank On Tool Bar,i Get Conflicting Numbers All Time From Page To Page And Sometimes The Same Page.i Don’t Put To Much Stock In Googles Page Rank.

My Thoughts