Top ranked inspection-related websites in the world. InterNACHI wins again.

According to an company, the following are a few of the inspection industry’s most popular websites.

The lower the rank the better (fewer sites ahead of it): Google has an Alexa rank of 1. Facebook a rank of 2. YouTube a rank of 3. Yahoo a rank of 4. a rank of 10.

Here is how the race is going in the inspection industry. InterNACHI’s website is of course in first place, well ahead of any other inspection-related website.

  1. with a rank of 22,506.
  2. with a rank of 107,344.
  3. with a rank of 217,773.
  4. with a rank of 318,679.
  5. with a rank of 389,047.
  6. with a rank of 503,488.
  7. with a rank of 506,228.

IMHO though, the real winner is . The other 6 sites all have consumer, real estate agent, and report download traffic fueling them. InspectorOutlet’s traffic comes almost solely from inspectors.

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Nathan writes about RecallChek:

That’s really high for a site like yours. You’re doing something right.

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Give me a few to catch up. I just retired ya know… :wink:

Come visit our booth at 3 Days of Secrets, Orlando, Vegas and we are working on more.


Thanks Nathan and thanks Nick for pointing this out. I didn’t know. Lots of great ideas, changes updates coming this year!


The biggest thing I want to see is the ability to have someone sign a inspection agreement electronically well before the inspection takes place without having to go through all the steps you do right now. Ideally a link would be included on the thank you for booking email that is automatically sent once you book an appointment through your system. Once signed an automated email would come to me and the client with a signed PDF attached. You also should get rid of the force sign “after the inspection” before I release a report option. That can get people into some trouble IMO. Otherwise great product keep it up.

Lots of great improvements coming …

But I just want to say congrats to everyone on that short list. Great work.

Russell, our attorney is customizing an inspection agreement for every state and province in North America and for every ancillary inspection service, for every state and province in North America, and will keep them all (potentially thousands) tweaked as case law forms for each. An daunting task. I’d be willing to let HomeGauge integrate with if you are interested.

Take Nicks Offer Russ :wink:

Very nice!! We’d be higher but over half of our inspectors deliver their reports via email or directly through their own website so they don’t actually come to ours. Either way, nice work!

sure I would be glad to as long as we can store and display it etc. I will get with Sean and have him get with Chris or you etc.

Funny…we have many inspectors too who have their buyers come to their own website to pick up the report. They get branding out of it so it makes sense. Its us in the background as we display their report in html for the inspector. That is not an apology its a feature :slight_smile: PDFS are boring …but html is video, expanding pictures in HD and …more cool features that pdfs cant do.

Actually, unless you’ve changed things the client still gets redirected to the HomeGauge site once they log into the inspectors site. Our inspectors clients stay on their inspectors site 100% of the time.

Sean didn’t tell you that we have video in our reports coming out? We had a long discussion about it in Nashville. We’re testing it internally now, stay tuned! Oh, and PDF’s do have expanding pictures, always have.

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You’re such an instigator :smiley:

Attend our free webinar (from home) with Russell tomorrow (Tues) night:

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