Goose neck cleareance

Any body have any good reference for code violation of this setup.

060605-01 072.jpg

I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that installation with regards to compliance. . .

Also. . .

Jeff, I though there might be an issue since the goose neck is partailly installed in the soffit. I to could not find any violations but thought it was a poor install.

“Legal aint always pretty”…in more ways than one…

It looks like the conductors are in contact with the aluminum fascia. That can’t be right.

I admit, it’s ugly. But I still don’t know of anything that you could say to have it changed other than 'it’s ugly.

We’ll have to wait for someone else to chime in, but I would say that there are no compliance issues here.

incorrect no access to remove top of entrance fitting . ( FE?)
No longer have code book sorry.
Recommend further evaluation by qualified person . At least the sparky should straighten the feeder out so that the incoming lines do not rub the Fascia. CYA transfer the concern to some one else.
It also looks like the lines are rubbing the soffit
Roy Cooke sr … RHI…

**A) Service Cables. **Service cables shall be supported by
straps or other approved means within 300 mm (12 in.) of
every service head, gooseneck, or connection to a raceway
or enclosure and at intervals not exceeding 750 mm
(30 in.)

I can’t tell from the picture if it has such a support within 12" of the service head. This is not a gooseneck in the picture.[FONT=Times-Roman][size=2]

**© Service Heads Above Service-Drop Attachment.
**Service heads and goosenecks in service-entrance cables
shall be located above the point of attachment of the
service-drop conductors to the building or other structure.
*Exception: Where it is impracticable to locate the service
head above the point of attachment, the service head location
shall be permitted not farther than 600 mm (24 in.)
from the point of attachment.

Other than those which I cant see I dont think I would have too much problem with this except if the SE conductors at the top are in contact with the soffit…but that can be an easy correction.

But i am on the road right now and no code book handy…just my pocket PC…I will look again when I am in the office…in case I missed something.