Mast Head/Goosneck question

This is the first inspection I’ve done with an above ground service entrance and it’s a home built in 1966. I’m in Virginia by the way. The drip loop is connected at the gooseneck on this home but the gooseneck is slanted in line with the roof. I’m not sure this provides enough safety from water intrusion. Should I point this out as a repair replace by a certified electrical contractor? Please view the photo attached. Thanks, Bill

Two issues, the point of attachment for the service drop needs to be below the weatherhead. Also the weatherhead need to be mounted vertically not on an angle as depicted.

Robert, Thanks for the insight. Bill

Is the county/city responsible for the service drop? I seem to remember in class that everything after the service drop is the responsibility of the home owner. Bill

Is that a cable running along the rake or is it conduit? Your pic is not clear.

I wouldn’t call that out. Ive done plenty of houses like that working for utility. The utility most likely approved it and the lineman bent it that way. The poa is above mast probably to get xtra height for clearance. Definitely not a major concern and we definitely would not fix that working for utility.

I know the height part is in the code, but I have yet to see a poco set an anchor below the weatherhead.

It’s up to the installer of the weatherhead to ensure that it’s above the point of attachment. Around here the point of attachment is installed by the electrician.

Here it is the poco that installs the anchor.