Question - drip loop and connection of service entrance wires

Hi everyone,
Just want to get some thoughts on these service entrance wires. I’m going to call out the absence of a drip loop “Drip loop not present at house connection. This condition may allow moisture intrusion, resulting in damage to electrical components. Correction should be made by a qualified electrical contractor.”, but I’d also like your thoughts on the connection. Is a masthead needed or is this connection ok? This type of connection is very typical around here in MD. I don’t have more photos yet - the inspection is on Saturday. Please let me know your thoughts on the drop loop and connection.

Thank you!

The point of attachment for the drop from the poll is required to be below the weatherhead when using SE cable. SE cable also requires either a weatherhead or a gooseneck to keep water out of the cable.

Thanks Robert.

You’re welcome. Here are a few code references from the 2014 NEC.