Got Chemicals

Home built in 2000 before Chinese drywall became so popular in the south. According to my research only 4 confirmed cases in Oklahoma but this has had some heavy Chit to make this copper turn black. Strange it is only in the basement, upper levels of the home copper is normal in appearance. The basement could have been finished out at a later date I am going to have to do more research and then turn this over to the powers to be. I do not want this returning to me at a later date. Kinda like a wood supply air plenum it can bite one in the rear

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Did any one ever have rabbits in the basement… Roy

This was a 500K home I hope no rabbits

Darn, would be nice to see the backside of the drywall in picture 1… Any stamps indicating other than a U.S. source? What color was the drywall edge tape? Any other metal pitting or discoloration in the house?

I would hope you have something in your agreement like:

Only # visible to me on the back of the dry wall was as in the pic taken in the equipment room PIC # 1 is not dry wall that is basement concrete wall above the ceiling

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The area where the pipes penetrate??? Looks like drywall to me. Lower right of pic.

Yeah that was where I stuck my head there was about a 24X24 square of dry wall missing from the equipment room ceiling where the sump pump discharge piping ran and I was able to get above the ceiling for a look at the numbers. As you can see the date on the dry wall was 2000 so very unlikely a Chinese dry wall problem I use to work at the Conoco refinery and all of the A/C unit coils looked just like the one above except worst .One of the process units discharged large amounts of Sulfur into the air and it only took about a week for a new piece of copper to turn black

was it on a well by chance.

Nope there was a sump pump located in the equipment room I don’t know how deep the cavity was I don 't remove the covers