Gotta love it

Around here, there are companies that specialize in replacing old water heaters. They are not plumbers and do not always do a professional job. Here is a picture from an older house, with a newer, but still old, water heater that has replaced the original.

Notice that the “installers” replaced the water pies close to the water heater with copper (common enough) and installed the required di-electric unions between the copper and the galvanized.

BUT… They did not replace all the galvanized pipe and just connected the copper back to the galvanized but without additional di-electric unions.

Another example of people just doing rote installations without even knowing or thinking about exactly what they are doing.


More likely not understanding why things are done…

It’s what they had on the truck.

Dielectric unions are of limited value anyway IMO since the water in the pipes itself contains electrolytes and will carry the charge.

Do they not allow CPVC there?


Got ya beat from usually nice Park Ridge Will.


They also decided to build a spa tub in the basement using the sump.

No. Copper supply only. The galvanized is grandfathered.

Di-electrics are good if they are installed properly. Too often they are over tightened.

Well then dielectric fittings or brass (do they allow brass nipples?) are the way to go

They do brass and usually no issue with it.