Gotto love Fox news

Sorry, this is the only place I could post.

I find this very funny and also sad at the same time.:D:(


Source: the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

Screw that, whats Paris up to? :smiley:

Yea, no kidding, farking nuts. The media is a complete wasteland of useless and unnewsworthy information.

I miss Walter.:frowning:

Here’s one for you, and be truthful without looking up on Google:

Who is the prime minister of Canada, and party does he belong to?

How about the leader of the opposition, and his party?

I bet that would be a low percentage of your population that could answer that…:wink: :slight_smile:

Where is Canada?:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mike, we are where all your green houses gasses float up to :wink:

There is a lot more to us now as well since the polar ice caps are melting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea.

I no, I no, some French guy.

You are half right…

Well good then. You should expect better weather coming your way compliments of the good ole USA.:D:D

Thanks, problem is we can’t enjoy it under our sunblock 1000 and smog mask :slight_smile:

Look on the bright side, you shouldn’t need much sunblock if it becomes smoggy.:wink:

To all friendly Canadians. It was a joke, I love Canada. Get over yourself. Eh?

And we Canadian NACHI members all love our southern Friends .
Jason left NACHI and some times just gets a little upset.
He kept it a secret where he moved to and Google Found out he has left Ontario for BC.

Nice to see you care enough about me to keep tabs on me Roy.

Big secret :slight_smile: :roll:

I must admit I do miss you and enjoyed our little discusions .
Sorry you did not stay with NACHI but things happen Maybe some day you might reconsider .

Sorry you did not let us all know . Hope business is treating you well .

Hey Roy, I miss you too.:stuck_out_tongue:

And since you are so interested, I will let you know that I am coming back to the rat race of Southern Ontario shortly :wink:

Great if I can be of any assistance please ask .
You can get my email via my web site at the bottom.
Good HIs are always welcome. Hurry about 180 days till snow time.