The Canadian Government fell again?

That makes it 4 General elections in 7 years.

They did not Fall they where pushed .
Too many false promises.

When you have a man (Steven Harper) who thinks he is God, who tramples and evicts members of his own party for disagreeing with him, who has “The Harper Government” instead of Government of Canada on literature, who is completely out of touch with the needs (not wants) of the citizens of this country, that man has to go.
Unfortuneatly, this election will probably put him right back in control again, possibly with a majority government. Why? Because their is no viable alternative at this time.

Oh Canada
why don’t a few you guys RALLY and over throw them , then Join us to the south of your border . Just think no long lines heading south .

And that is a good thing…:wink:

This is because the liberals believe that it is their right to govern. They have been desperately trying to regain power ever since they lost several years ago. They don’t care about Canada or our economic recovery. They only care about power and having their way.

I’m looking forward to seeing the liberals lose even more seats this election.

Yes Nick, elections again and low voter turnout is to be expected.(again).

After meeting with the governer General this morning to ask to dissolve his Conservative minority governmant as they lost a vote of confidence, our Prime Minister spoke of broche à foin opposition (bailing wire opposition).

Bailing wire is still better than no wire at all except when it comes to Quebec’s federal owned Champlain bridge that is held up with bail wire.

Bad construction, bad upkeep, bad news!

The opposition said there was not a good working relationship at Parliament Hill but they do not seem to know that give and take is more democratic than just take and take. :slight_smile:

Salut mon ami!

Right you are Tyler.

Liberals everywhere think that they were born to rule. In Canada we have ‘Iggy’ and ‘Jack - the welfare fraud - Layton’ who have been hungering for power ever since the stupid, ignorant, ill-educated, cowboy, right wing reactionaries threw them out. Instead of asking themselves why their tired old left wing parties were rejected they have spent the last five years parading around with a succession of liberal posers demanding that they be returned to their rightful place - at the head of the trough.

Well guess what? Early polls make it look like the Conservatives are on their way to a slim majority. ‘Iggy’ will have a heart attack and return to brain washing students in some bastion of liberal education in the States. ‘Jack - the welfare fraud - Layton’ will learn nothing and just hang on and on and on and on and on and . . . . . . . . .:roll:

Haha Wayne , sounds interesting . Once our health care system is finished we probably will ! :D:D:D

And there I thought your were an NDP supporter, go figure…:wink:

Keep your health plan it has to better than paying 1400 a month.
Rally Boys , dance in the streets . perhaps slap a couple beavers about. Take control . kick the 3 parties out start a new one. it is a good time to do it, they have sent the 6 jets , and the Navy (One ship) to Libya. it will not be hard, there is no one left to protect the government.PSST we will send two old boys with squirrel guns for aid . I figure the revolution will only take a couple of days to wrap up. There is no where they can run Sara is watching from Alaska .
BTW i am joking of course . good luck!

What ever gave you that idea. Maybe the promotion of the teamsters union:roll:.

I would very much like to know why every time we have a right wing government they plunge us into massive public dept?

UMM because that is what they do best Vern

A friend of a friend’s rant on the election call - PRICELESS !
This diatribe is from my dear friend and activist,Xxxxx, in B.C. I think she’s nailed it!!!

You’re all wondering what the heck has happened to me - well we have been working behind the scenes - looks like an election is coming up in May.

**I am so pissed off at these a ssholes in Ottawa - another election - about what? $400 million or more for another election because the budget today wasn’t to their satisfaction. **
**Jack Layton wants everyone to pay thousands more in taxes so we can all live happily everafter - the same. **
It didn’t bother Jack Layton and his wife to live in susidized housing while he was making $100,000’s in wages between him and his wife but he is for the poor guy. What a bunch of s hit.

**Then we have that spineless Ignatieff who couldn’t be bothered to live in Canada for 35 years who now thinks he should be our PM. **
He was a professor in history for crying out loud and has never had another job.
**He comes from Russian royalty, vacations in France, dumped his wife and kids for that dog he is now married to and has the nerve to say our flag looks like a beer label and when he lived in the USA - he called himself an American. **
**This is who the Liberals think should be our PM. **
At least Harper has a degree in economics - perhaps that is why our country survived this recession better than the entire G8.

**So now it is back to the campaign trail and I am furious. **
**I plan on totally cruxifying the Liberals and NDP in Richmond . **
I am going to be that big mouth bag lady in the back yelling. I will haunt these a ssholes.

Other than that I am fine - how’s it going with you?


They spend and spend to create apparent “good times” …to buy our next vote. Until the voter realizes this, they will continue to be bought with their own $$$$$ (taxes)…it’s really not that hard to figure out!!

Through another slight of hand of buying us with our own $$$$, the last PC government in NS promised a drop in personal tax rates…then promptly after they were elected, told us they couldn’t do it…the province was too far in debt (which was already known…now $11+ billion or about $11+ grand for every man, woman and child, including the baby just born a few minutes ago!!) IT’S SICK!!

Its not just the conservatives Brian. When I was in Cape Breton, the liberals did the same thing. Started projects that sat idle for years and then got them going prior to elections and then stop when elections were over.
Seems like no matter sho is elected in Nova Scotia, thepeople get scewed somehow. appears the Maritimes are forgtten at election. Sad indded.

WOW I never though I would ever agree with you but I agree 100% with what you say above. \:D/ Thats what the PC’s in Alberta do every election and they keep getting elected. Who’s the real dummy?

“I would very much like to know why every time we have a right wing government they plunge us into massive public dept?”

Simple. It costs huge to repair the damage that the tax and spend liberals have done to the country. The next step in the liberal quest for power will be to trot out that old tried and true hatred for everything American. It is the way that Liberals always try to deal with a losing election. They try to paint the other guys as “America lovers” and anti-Canadian because of it. It’s like clockwork. Give Iggy and Jack-welfare fraud -Layton a few days to realize that Canadians aren’t stupid enough to buy their socialist garbage and suddenly there will be a big American bogey man to threaten us all.