Government releases more documents about my 18-year old traffic ticket than Epstein's island FBI raid

There is a fundamental concept recognized by nearly every constitution in the world. That concept is “equal treatment under the law.”

Recently, a billionaire pedophile ring was busted up and Jeffery Epstein’s island was raided. The FBI seized hundreds of boxes of documents from the island. Yet not one of the seized documents has ever been released and only one woman sits in prison.

Recently, the State of Rhode Island tracked me down over a $100 traffic ticket they issued 18 years ago.

So much for “equal treatment under the law.” Unlike the private planes that took the pedophiles to the island, my car didn’t have Bill Clinton as a passenger 17 times.


Didn’t realize the FBI was after you for a traffic violation you haven’t paid… :flushed: :flushed:

And just to verify RI attempts to collect…

They said they can arrange a payment plan for You if You are running a little short… :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

He’s already paid it, just worried about the FBI not doing their job… :wink:

I missed that part, naturally with Nick I assumed the worst…

They’ll chase me down for an 18-year old traffic ticket, but won’t charge a single pedophile. Won’t even release their names. I guess I needed Bill Clinton as a passenger.


Still trying to figure out about the FBI chasing you down? :thinking:

sad what Our great country is becoming…

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Might need a back seat passenger too…


Every Government Agency/ Department is (A) Department of Revenue…The first Department of Revenue that contacted you was The Police Department that pulled you over. The traffic stop is cash cow for all levels of Guvment. (very little to do with safety…) Gosh Nick, If you don’t send them that $100.00, You are defunding The Police…Actually sound good to me!

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What’s the FBI to Rhode Island connection?
As far as I can see that’s an aggressive private debt collector, with no connection the FBI.
The FBI on the other hand asks nicely first (Subpoena).