GPS Garmin 760 LMT

I emailed Nick and I think they are going to have a message board area for product reviews. I figured a ton of us by many many things…why don’t we review the products as we use them for our profession?

Here goes

I bought the GPS and it is really made for truckers, but I kinda needed that. Pricey at $400, but what the heck.

Free lifetime map updates

Give me traffic updates. On my pictures it was showing a 1 minute traffic delay
The accuracy was fantastic

Tell you ahead of time the speed limit changes nd will even let you know verbally (if you want) of the changes

I can hit a button on my phone and it automatically sent the address to the unit. Via bluetooth

This is really the reason I bought it. I used my phone as a GPS but was talking on it too…now my phone is free.

It also can be used as a monitor for back up camera, as I do, can be seen in one of my picks

Gives lanes for interstate off ramps

Even will do your mileage daily for the government taxes and give you travel time

You can preset your day by putting in job, 1,2,3,4 ahead of time and it will tell you the travel time to plan your day

Takes you contacts from your phone via Bluetooth and saves them in the GPS and I even think it can be used as a phone AUX speaker…

It keeps track of where you go and marks preferred routs, and even tells you where traffic cameras are located.

So far super happy and think its a a good value…

Thanks, I’m considering a newer GPS, review just in time.

The 5" is more than enough for me and only $129

That’s what I have now, but the wife has an older one, I drive around more unknown areas so I get the new one she’ll get the older one.

On a side note, she usually gets the new car and I get the older one.

Frankly I use my android phone’s navigation.

It’s almost always up to date and, shows traffic and simply gets me where I am going.

I have small unit for the car but it costs more to update the 3 year old maps than I paid for it.

I’m considering buying the wife the one I posted.

Great idea and thanks for the idea and the info… Roy

Great idea Russell, as someone just starting out, it is nice to see what others are using and what does and does not work in the field and to hear their opinions on the item. I usually will read amazon reviews and what not to get an idea on quality on the item, but would much rather hear from others in the industry and how the product works for their daily uses.

Sarasota Home Inspector

You can find the new version of Garmin maps on any of the bit torrent sites. Download and install in your GPS. Large file though (4GB ) so you need to remove your current maps first. Takes about 15 minutes total.

My Garmin is 8 years old but has the latest maps.

I luv my Garmin wife bought me a Tom Tom I throwed it in the back seat never use it don’t like it all

I love my Google maps and ANDROID:D works with ISN, phone, tablet

It would cost me more to upgrade my wife so I keep her in the back seat as well ;):wink:

I tried out Garmin and tomtom. Both took me to the wrong place 3 times within the same week. Pulled out my iPhone which has 3 different map apps which took me to the right place. Sent both GPS back. Will never use them again, especially when apps are free.
I now use my iPad with the same map apps.
Why 3 apps? Because every now and then, one app will not have the new subdivisions, while the others will. My favorite map app is Waze.

I started to upgrade my wife once also, when she turned 40 I was going to trade her for a pair of 20’s
she said I was not wired for 220 so 44 years later I still have her and not in the back seat;-)