Was in 3 states today

I had to pick up a radon monitor from an inspection I did the other day. My GPS took me through PA most of the way and then into DE and then back into PA again. On the way back home it brought me through NJ and then back into PA. My hour and a half drive took about two and a half to get back home.

Lesson learned…spend the money on a good GPS and don’t skimp!

This works great for me. The 4250 has come down in price since I bought mine last year.

I agree with you on the 4250. I also have the traffic kit that really comes in handy

I am reliably informed that the cheap GPS manufacturers are in fact supported by BIG OIL who pay them $billions to extend our journeys by 30%

I know this is true … BECAUSE THEY DENNIE IT!!! :twisted::twisted:

End rant


I would be interested in knowing what You guys use for a GPS… and if any are having success with the real cheep ones… like the ones under $130 bucks?
I have my trusty Nuvi 350.I spent almost $800 bucks back in 05 its been totally worth it.
Fast Acquisition
Maps Accurate
Easy to use on the fly, and while flying~
I used to have the Magellan 360 and later the 700 something before. Those were good in the day.

laptop and microsoft streets and trips when I am working but tomtom when traveling with the wife:D

I love my Tom-Tom. It gets me to destination and everywhere in between. If I need to make a pit stop, I enter “nearest restaurant” and there’s always a DD near by. If I get hungry, it gives me a list of restaurants in the area. If I need gas, it gives me a list of all the gas stations nearby.

My GPS has taken through some back roads (dirt) and right to my destination. I have never been mislead by my GPS.

I have a TomTom XL, big screen, very accurate, no loading as it is plug and play right out of the box. Lots of great features. I recently won a Garmin Nuvi 360 that is supposed to be able to help me “hable” different languages, plus do the laundry. Still in the box so I do not know if all that is true. I would put it in my wifes car but she does not even like fooling with the HVAC thermostat so it would be a waste and just an invitation for someone to break into her ride.

LOL yea and don’t always trust Mapquest. I always carry a city map just in case and still get lost sometimes.