I guess I'm going high tech in my old age

I just purchased a GPS unit and apart from giving me routes that I normally don’t use I think it’s great!
Anybody use this for finding location of home to be inspected?

I got one, about a month ago, and love it. I got it from my former employer (Rand McNally) who supplies the data. I recieved it for some services rendered (Yeah, their cheap.). I asked for a second one (which they gave me) and it will be a raffle prize at our next Chapter Meeting.

Love it. I have the Garmin nuvi 200. No need to buy higher than that, as I don’t use MP3 (prefer DVDs) or anoy of the other bells and whistles.

I highly recommend it. Just wish the woman’s voice wasn’t so spooky :shock:

I use to use mapquest for all my directions. Once I was out in the field, if I got a service call, I would get lost. So I picked up a Garmin StreetPilot i3. It is so tiny, and only has a wheel for informaiton input. Dangerious while driving, talking on a cell phone, and using a pda. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be upgrading soon.


I wish I had one for that porpose. I did not know Canada honored U.S. presidents. :shock:

I got the Magellan 4040 about a month ago ($450) and use it all the time. The hands free talking on the phone is a little too much static on the receiving end so I don’t use that feature. I had a GPS setup for my Dell Handheld but I retired that thing cause it crashed all the time. Got the Magellan for navigating and picked up a new laptop to replace the handheld for inspections.

That’s a Chicago area Interstate. Mario, what are you doing here???

No just bad actors. :wink:

Tom <don’t flame me, I’m a Prez. Reagan Fan.>


I was on the Magellan website and copied the picture to be honest I didn’t even notice.:smiley:

Good for you! The Chicago chapter members will thank you!


Three years I have had it on my lap top with gps modual and microsoft streets 2004. Not as handy as your but gets n me from here to there just as well.
Had Loran c then GPS on my boats for 25+ years Never will be with out again.
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You gave me the latest version [Microsoft streets]as a gift and I installed it on both of my computers.

Thank You Roy!!

I purchased Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 with GPS reciever this past summer, for $69 bucks at Ebay, and couldn’t be happier with this software solution. I’ll wait for Santa to upgrade the software ( 2008 ) for the new features and maps…
I don’t need it all the time, but when I do, I carry a 14" HP laptop in my truck, between the two seats on a shelf I built, when needed.
I like the larger screen, its bright and quite readable on trips.
I recommend this setup if you want to get started without too much investment, but maximum bang for your bucks. Its highly accurate, locking in about 9 satellites at a time for constant positioning.
I did this after researching the high cost of the portable units vs. all the bells and whistles that software on a laptop might provide, and finally decided on MS Streets and Trips.
There are several good forums of information discussing portable GPS units, hardware and software, not the least of which are:


NACHI member helping NACHI member .
Happens all the time thats why we are the biggest and best.

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Just part of the job, Mario. Plus, those old farts at Rand McNally owe me BIG time. For those of you who don’t have GPS, try www.RandMcNally.com for directions. I wrote it about 4 years ago. They update it daily.

Hppe this helps;

I just tried it and got lost. I’m stuck in Ft. McMurray, Alberta Canada:p :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you ever lucky in another month there will be no sun 24 hours of darkness.
Come next June no darkness 24 hours of day light.
Big money high expensess .
No apt for rent and houses go up in price by the minute.
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I had 4 hits today on my website from that area. I bet it gets cold up there too.

I guess your reputation is getting around.

28 f now going to 36f tomorrow . A lot colder here at My place 21F now

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I’m staying true to low tech printouts.

I followed the directions explicitly printed the directions and get there eventually.


Isn’t is possible to just pull up a location map with your cell phone service provider? IE: Sprint I use that feature often.