Grab your boards

Surfs up :slight_smile:

Hope those damn Jelly Fish are gone.

To dangerous to inspect, lets surf. Wo Hoooo.

I have not been in quite some time but I may just have to go have a look see tomorrow.
The board is still in good shape and all I need is a little wax.
I hope the leash is not dry-rotted. It does not seem to be.

Post pictures if you go.

By the way I am no good at all but if conditions are right I’ll be there trying.

I was out tonight. Took out the surf kayak. Chest high at least- Not for beginners Meeker

Were you up North?

Swell and Sets or Chop?

North Ft Laud can be real sweet and easy when things go right.

Soft sand and no rocks :slight_smile:

Can you pick which one gets to try to float me? Good night to all. I may need my energy for tomorrow.


was at beach this past Saturday ( Lauderdale-by-the-sea) and man those jelly fish were everwhere, now with those waves it’ll be jelly fish soup…bring a wet suit…by the way the Haulover cut rocks for surf;-)

I know hopefully they have moved on.

I took my jetski (don’t have anymore) out wave jumping during Hurricane Frances, and not like while it was on its way, actually while the Hurricane was directly over us. The waves were huge. There was a bunch of surfers out there as well. Driving rain made it hard to see, but was fun nonetheless. Think it was only a Cat1/Tropical depression by the time it got over here to Pinellas though.

update from dania beach 1/2 hr ago.



Like I said-----Jelly fish soup—bring your vinegar and meat tenderizer—or someone to p on ya :mrgreen: