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I am a new member of NACHI and cannot compliment your service to the home

inspection community enough. I only have one question. Can I do my continueing

education right on the website as a member. I have found all of the

educational tools to be outstanding. I just want to make sure that in

fulfilling my 18 hours of cont. ed that the tools on the website count toward those 18

hours. As a new member and a new business owner my funds are limited. If I

can continue to educate myself right here at NACHI at little or no cost and have

it count toward my continueing education yearly it would be quite a blessing.

Your website is an endless supply of education and NACHI members are

incredibly quick to help you when you have a question. Thank you for everything that

you have made available to me and my business.

Paul J. Magrone
Home Inspections By P.J.M. Inc.

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Hi Paul,

It is our intention to give you the opportunity to do all your continuing education, either on this site via our own online education projects or via the free resources that we are able to find from outside sources.

Also don't forget that you can also get Continuing education credit for attending or being involved in our local chapters.

It is our intent that you spend time either inspecting or marketing your business not paying for education.



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