Great InterNACHIGauge Thursday NFL Prize. Place your guesses now. PIT vs. STL.

The winner gets…

Here is how to win…

We’re giving St. Louis 8 points. Place your guess by correctly guessing the winner of the game (include the spread). So if the final score is Pittsburgh 20 and St. Louis 14… St. Louis wins.

Then guess the total points scored in the game (by both sides, not including the spread). So if the final score is Pittsburgh 20 and St. Louis 14… the total points scored would be 34.

We will choose the winner from the members who correctly guess the winning team (including the spread) by looking at their total points scored guess. The member who guesses closest to the total points scored wins (not including the spread). Winner can be under or over. Winner had to have correctly guessed the winning team though (including the spread).

If there is still a tie (two or more members guess the winner correctly and guess the total points scored with the same level of accuracy as each other) we will break the tie by earliest to post or edit.

You can place your guess (1 per member) right up until kick off and edit your post right up until kick off, but again, there is a slight advantage to posting first in terms of tie breaking between members.

If there is a tie between teams… for instance if the score is Pittsburgh 22 and St. Louis 14… everyone loses, and we’ll save the prizes for another game.

Best of luck.
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I’ll take Pittsburgh (minus the 8 ) and I’ll say that the total points scored will be 41.

Pitts. 44 points.

Pittsburg 38

Pitts 49 points

Pittsburgh 48

Steelers, 55

steelers 33…

Gosh I hate to say it… ](*,)

Pittsburg 34…

NO wait… I forgot the spread… Make that St. Louis & 34. :smiley: 45

steelers 59

Pittsburgh 58

Steelers - 35

Pittsburgh 28

Pittsburg 31

Steelers 42


Rams 21 Steelers 24 Steelers win but don’t cover the spread Total 45 points.

Just to make it clear I pick the Rams

Pitts 37

Rams 41