Great InterNACHIPVS Thurs Night Football Contest. Place your guesses now. CHI vs. WAS

The winner gets a free full blown version of, value: $1,000.00 plus 3 InterNACHI tape measures (in both standard and metric) plus a bunch of other cools stuff.

Here is how to win…

Place your guess by correctly guessing the winner of the game and the total points scored.

We will choose the winner from the members who correctly guess the winning team by looking at their total points scored guess. The member who guesses closest to the total points scored wins. Winner can be under or over. Winner had to have correctly guessed the winning team though. We are not using a spread (or a line) for this game.

If there is still a tie (two or more members guess the winner correctly and guess the total points scored with the same level of accuracy as each other) we will break the tie by earliest to post or edit (so there is a slight advantage to posting early)

You can place your guess (1 per member) right up until kick off and edit your post right up until kick off, but again, there is a slight advantage to posting first in terms of tie breaking between members.

Many thanks to Lorne Steiner of for providing the main prize (a full-blown version of this inspection reporting software, valued at $1,000.00).

Best of luck.

I’ll guess the Bears and 54 total points.

The Awesome Bears an 62 points

Chicago 58

Bears 42

Bears 45

No one wants the Redskins?

Ok no

The Bears and 34 total points.

Bears 44
At least we do not have our coach calling double time out.

Bears 32

Washington 38:cool:

Redskins and 39pts.

Da Bears. 40 points total.

Redskins…51 pts.

Redskins 3 Bears 0

Skins- 41

Bears 35 Skins 17

Bears 52

Bears 64