Win Big! InterNACHI's Monday Night Football (Dec 20, 2010) contest.

Pick the winner and the margin of Monday night’s Chicago / Minnesota game, and win a bunch of stuff from

No limit to the number of winners. Your post must be made before the game begins.

Simply pick the winner and margin. Unless otherwise instructed, we will automatically ship to the address the winners have in their InterNACHI member profile.

Good luck!

Chicago by 19.


Bears by 24.

Chicago by 13

Bears by 21

Bears by 2

Chicago by 21

Chicago by 14

Chicago by 15

Chicago by 14

We are expecting 4"-7"inches of snow on tomorrow in Minnesota and the vikes are complaining about the field conditions. So let’s see here

  1. No Brett Farve
  2. No Travis Jackson
  3. No Indoor stadium to play in.
  4. The Vikings Offense & Defense has more hole in it than the MOA Metrodome stadium roof.
  5. The Bears play in an outdoor stadium :shock:
  6. The Vikings have no chance in hell of winning

I will take the Bears By 10

Da Bears winning by exactly 13 points.

Bears by 13

Chicago by 10

Bears by 12

Bears by 14,

but if it was Coach Ditka vs a hurricane, I’d say Ditka by 28.

Ditka, Bears, Sausage, Bears, Ditka, Ditka, Ditka.


Everyone so far is taking the Bears, so I’ll take the Vikings. Doesn’t matter by how many they win by if I’m the only one taking them but I say,
Vikings by 3

Bears by 17

bears by 24