Great pdf for FPE Panels

Lots of information just remember this is USA FPE .

The Canadian Panels are not the same … Roy

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I think this person has some sort of an agenda.
I do not see where he has any qualifications to be making a judgement he is I think completely biased…
I have seen some things like he says on various panels.
Please do not take what he says as gospel .

Thanks again Doug, as usual, your information is much appreciated!!

If you are reading this… my “Inspecting Electrical Systems of Existing Residences” is a great book… but I’m told it’s a collectors item :D. Are you still planning on writing a newer one? I think it’s late 90’s

Good stuff…thanks Kevin.

I like how he was able to shove so much information in such a small PDF. Yet clearly points out the issues of the design. Excellent work indeed.

I don’t think that I am the smartest person in Randolph County North Carolina but I do understand Ohm’s Law.

At 240 volts and thousands of amps we would have enough heat and from the time it took to do all that wire watching to have done too much damage for anyone to turn off a breaker. 240 times 1000 equals 240 thousand watts or a lot of heat.

In other words I know a bull shirt story when I hear one. (the “r” is silent)

I went back and read this link and have questions concerning the truthfulness of the author. If we doing nothing more than the last part of this called “**A Report from the Front Lines” many questions come jumping from my mind. **

**In Experience #2” he is crawling around in a 16 inch space when it touches two wires that destroys his pick but he is not hurt. ???
In “Experience #3” he is one of those who welds with copper wires.???
In “Experience #4” he is doing an inspection that so long that a fire starts, the fire department puts it out, an electrician get a bid- buys a permit- makes an installation of a service in an existing building, all before he finishes his inspection. ???

***Some to the statements of these idiots in more than enough to make any experienced electrician laugh. ***

Your opinion doesnt surprise me Mike. I figured you would also doubt the jumping power lines, seeing as they never do such things according to you.

This guy has a impressive following William!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Mike Homes has a huge following most home Inspectors can see how bad Mike is.

Home Inspector following Roy!

Thanks for the link…
I have always recommended replacement of FPE Stab Loks and will always continue to do so…
Other Inspectors mileage may vary…

Mike Hue?

So does Satin

I’m more of a denim guy myself. Satin is a bit too girly.

satan, on the other hand, is overrated. But I think his cape is satin.

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When I tried to open the link it said there were 6 pages BUT only 1 page was there? Should there be 6 or 1

I couldn’t get it to load either. Kept crashing my browser.

6 PAGES is what I downloaded.