News watch Inspectors - watch and learn

I learned about this from one of the inspectors involved before it made the news. Without commenting on this ethics of such operations, it should remind all of us that we are probably on camera more than we know, and should act accordingly.

I am going to send that link to a realtor that had a go me today. A sale fell through because I called out a FPE panel with aluminum branch wiring. Scary thing is she says that a licensed electrician that came out said it was fine and should never have been reported.

I had an electrician come out and flip the breakers back and forth
on FPE’s and say everything is “OK”… :roll:

Oh my…

I even got a shock from the panel when I took the dead front front off, it had a 50amp breaker on an ac unit that would have a 35 amp max. That does not matter because I’m the bad guy.
I would never try and pretend that I know as much about electrics as a electrician but hey that was not rocket science

Once I finished with the panel I tested a window in the family room, it fell back down onto the end of my finger and cut it open.