Daily Double

Side by side sub panels.

No inside pictures? What did you recommend?

There was a missing knockout on the Zinisco that needed a look. My main reccomendation was that these panels were problematic at best and both panels should be evaluated by an electrician. I’m getting there.:slight_smile:

Heck I did not open the Stablok panel

Hi to all,

that one takes the prize an FPE and a Zinsco together wow



I could not believe it when I saw it. Wish the picture came out better. From a 1952 block house charmer.

What is amazing is that JP didn’t find it…

muy agradable…:smiley:


I wooda pulled the covers b4 I took the pic :cool:

I gotta agree with you Jeff, my curiosity would have dictated that I do the same.

However I also teach that if you are going to be defering the panel inspection to a licensed electrical contractor due to readily visible conditions (such as FPE’s) that in many cases you are better not to evaluate it any further.



Simple disclaimer;

Do as I say, not as I do :smiley:


I peaked into the Zinsco but I was sure I would trip the FPE breakers. It was a 1600 sq/ft house with about another 400 sq/ft added on. It ate my lunch.:stuck_out_tongue: Original galvanised plumbing throughout and not too pretty at that.:wink:

Jeff…how much do you want for a couple days of letting a talkative, modest, nutcase like myself ride with you and learn some stuff?

If you ever get out this way Tony, be sure and look me up. . .

I’m on the way…my world tour is just beginning…Jeff Pope for fpe/zinsco/electrical…rr for roof observation…dduffy for commercial…canada for log homes…anybody for hvac?

Look for me at chapter meetings…:wink:

My curiosity is in seeing how many years I can live. :smiley:

i already know the answer you seek Master Ray,. it is:roll: …“ALL OF THEM”:mrgreen: