Green Stuff? on the underside of this crawl...

This was a fix and flip inspection for a home that was in foreclosure, that a realtor/investor had me check out.
We don’t get much mold here in the alpine desert known as Colorado Springs,
with moisture levels very low year round, so I’m wondering what this stuff is?

Upon entering the crawlspace, I begin to see what looks like some kind of treatment that was applied to the underside of the 1st floor framing.
Along with signs of efflorescence along the walls, and some “mold like substance” on wallboard of adjacent rooms,
I came to the conclusion that they may have been flooded in this space, and then it was drained,
and they fixed the plumbing (converted to PEX) and then treated with this stuff.

But I’m wondering what its called? Thanks for any opinions.

See pics…

Green Stuff3.jpg

Green Stuff1.jpg


Green Stuff4.jpg

green Stuff5.jpg

That sure is interesting to say the least. It looks like someone was trying to spray paint the boards but only had the dregs in the can… I’m interested in knowing if someone has a clue about this one as well. I’ve never seen it before.

Did you test any of the framing/sub-floor with a moisture meter? How was the ventilation? It definitely looks as though a lot of water has been in there. The second pic really shows heavy staining on the foundation. Some of that blue/green staining, especially in pic 1, could have been from the previous water branch lines. If that is a treatment, it is spotty at best.

Looks like a piss poor application of Cuprinol, a wood preservative field applied with a hand held sprayer with a clogged nozzle.

Also helps fight or repell bugs.