Green wires on neutral bus

just want to make sure this is an issue. The green wires should have been on the ground bus? Correct?

of course, that’s in addition to some of the other issues.

If it is the main service equipment, why would that matter?

You are showing a service panel where both bars should be bonded together. It would not make a difference.

In a non-service, AKA subpanel, this would be an issue.

It’s fine.

Main panel - first panel/disconnect after meter - neutrals & grounds bonded to panel
Sub panel - all others after main panel - neutrals float/not bonded, grounds bonded to panel

Both bars should also be bonded to the enclosure. I see stand-offs under both terminal bars. Is there a bonding connection?

Attention Canadians Main panel both bars are bonded to the panel ,But the Neutrals have there own bar and the grounds have there own bar no mixing .
All secondary panels the neutral are not fastened to the panel only the Ground bar is fastened to the panel tub .