Greenhouse suppliers...

looking for leads to good suppliers. my Aquaponics Greenhouse was torn to shreds by wind and golfball size hail. Original supplier has gone out of business, so any help is appreciated. Thanks, Kenn

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Try Atlas, Farmtek, Rimol, Griffen and price what you need. I have 5 to recover this spring. Fortunately I have enough to do 3 on hand now and need to by enough for 2 custom made from Farmtek (Tek Supply). Prices are way up still.

Ken, what’s that funny looking green plant in the background :wink:

It’s not what you think, LOL, however if they legalize the stuff, I may exchange that plant! :smiley:

Thanks, is Farmtek pretty reliable? I may try to double mine this year, it really grows things fast,and I can root anything with it, no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides used or needed. I make most of my money by cloning Heirlooms for people. I have even rooted Cedar trees. Thanks again for the info, Kenn

The structures at Farmtek, at least the ones I got from them are ClearSpan which are very good structures. I don’t think you can purchase smaller structures directly from them. I’ve had some orders filled from Farmtek which were mixed up a couple of times but they were always straightened out by them. The actual products have always been very good.

Hey, Ken-
Out here, pros replace their plastic every other year. I get on their list to scrounge their used stuff. I have one GH that has has used plastic on it for 6 years.

Also, I get on & beg for snow-crushed costco carports.
I already have a 40’ long GH made from totally scrounged materials.

Way to go Russell! :smiley:

Thanks Doug, they have free shipping, best deal so far!:smiley: