Grow House

Just got a call from public works to inspect a grow house.Does anyone have any suggestion on what to look for other than electrical problems, mold and structure damage.The one other problem I’m told is the accused is still living there so I’ve been told there be a police escort.

LOL! Ya, them pot heads are a dangerous bunch (get em’ off the couch) if you try to steal the damn Twinkies.

Other than that, I think you have it covered.:mrgreen:

Don’t do it without Police Escort.
Don’t discuss your findings with Police as they did not hire you.
Don’t discuss your findings with accused.

Don’t attempt to take any of the product

Thoughly check all chimneys. Often they have been taped onto for exhaust ventilation. I guess its a lot better to exhaust though a higher chimeny than a ground level air vent so that there is less chance of the smell being located.

Oh ya, and if you take pictures don’t take pictures of the accused :wink:

Whilst checking the panel-box, keep a close eye out for modifications to the stack. Oft times, grow-ops tap into the hydro lines before the meter entry point.These modifications are usually extremely dangerous and should not be approached, poked or prodded.
Another thing is the breaker needed to power up the lights; many times, a lazy grower will tap into the stove lines, or double tap at the breaker.

Hmmm, sounds like some insider information. :p:p

The basic idea behind Public Works, is for you to do a regular home inspection, your not hired to see if it is in fact a grow house, rather you are being hired after the fact, to identify the present condition of the home.
Just report your findings and remember, take lots of photos!

Thanks to everyone for the responce

:wink: :wink: I wasn’t aslways an angel;-) :wink:

I’d suggest you take air samples. IAQ. Doug

Well it was not much of grow house ,only about 25 plants only sign of mold was in the bath rooms.The house it self was pretty run down.All in all seen worse on a good day.

Personal use.

For those Canadians who can get CFTO the Toronto CTV tomorrow news at 6:00 pm has Tim Purtill will be on talking about Grow Houses.
Tim is a great inspector and this could be interesting .
Roy Cooke sr

ROY I agree TIm is a great guy took aday and did a ride along with him when I first started .It was a great experience and more new comers should do the same thing.

In the year 2005 I inspected approximately “40” grow op houses. Most were not declared as having been previously utilized for grow operations. I ended up having asma really bad. This year, 2006, I have only inspected, that I know of, one grow op house. This house was declared as a grow op. The house was empty, but the RCMP did show up to find out what was happening.