Hey everyone,

My name is Chris Krowiak and I was just recently hired by InterNACHI to join the design team in Boulder, CO. I recently moved here from New York, and I studied Visual Design and Website Development at the University at Buffalo. My online portfolio can be found HERE

welcome Chris…someone will be along to be rude in a minute…

Welcome Chris…

sorry to hear you left NY

LOL. The best humor has some truth in it.

Chris is our newest addition to InterNACHI’s Marketing Department.


Welcome Chris.

Welcome, enjoy the Rockies.

Picasso the old guitarist/ guy is a symbolist.


howdy! :slight_smile:

Cool portfolio…:slight_smile:

Welcome Chris. Take note of logos created before you. Does anything jump out at you? Do away with thought of replication and produce work similiar to your online portfolio. People need a image that will set them apart not look like the next guy or cartoonish. Just my two cents. :wink:

Hey Chris, your designs are fresh and original. I look forward to having you work on mine. I just need to finish tying up the name.