Hi from Andy, InterNACHI Graphic Designer!

Hi all, I’m Andy Moore, InterNACHI’s new graphic designer.

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself! I’m originally from Kansas, and live in the Boulder area. I’ve done design work in ad agencies, non-profit corporations and the solar industry. I also am a cartoonist and try to do art all the time so you’ll probably see some nifty new InterNACHI cartoons!

Were starting all sorts of cool new design-related projects around the office that I’m sure Nick will be excited to tell you all about as we get rolling! We’ve opened a new Inspector Marketing Department at InterNACHI and I was the first new employee hired at this new department.

Cheers, and I’m excited to be a part of the team!

Hello Andy!!

I look forward to your designs!!

Welcome aboard Andy!


Welcome Andy.

You guys better watch out. Andy’s going to be putting your current brochure and business card designs to shame. Get ready to redesign and reorder.

Don’t take too long. I will be reordering soon.

Hi Andy

Hi Andy, I’m currently working hard to put together my HI website. Any new marketing materials and or graphics, business card designs will be a big plus.
So, welcome and congrats.

Hi Andy ,lets see your portfolio.:slight_smile:

Bob writes:

Andy has gone home for the weekend, but here it is: http://andymooredesign.com/design/1.html

Wait till you see what InterNACHI’s new Marketing Department is up to!

I am very impressed.
Andy when you see this may I say you have great talent.

Welcome Andy.

Look forward to seeing your stuff Andy.

Welcome Aboard Andy.

Really like the Avatar…:wink:

Give the guy time to settle in.
Check out his links.
Cool stuff.

We hired another staffer for the new Member Marketing Department yesterday. She starts on Monday.

We’re still looking for a third staffer to fill the Public Relations Director slot.

Additions or replacements

I placed an ad for someone on Craigslist the other day to hire a receptionist (2 days ago) and he called me two hours later amazed that he had 250 emails in 2 hours.

He wanted to only add a fax number but I talked him into adding the email.

All new positions. We want a Member PR Director in-house and are looking for someone to fill that new slot.

And we want one more for social media.

The new Member Marketing Department will be really valuable to members.

Glad to hear that even in a period of contraction you can expand.
Good job keep it up and profit so I can reap the member benefits.