Grey drain pipe ok?

Is this type of pipe okay to use for a drain pipe? It was used in combination with PVC. I’ve seen it in the electrical section for conduit, but am not sure if it’s ok to use it like this… Anyone have a quick answer?

Thanks in advance.

Were there any marking that you could see? Could be standard PVC…

I didn’t think to look. I’ve reviewed all my photos of the pipe, and I don’t see any printing at all.

It looks like electrical conduit to me. It also looks like they used silicone for glue.

If there are no markings on the pipe, you should defer it and recommend that it be verified as approved for this application.

Sounds like good advice. Thanks Jeff!


Apparently it wasn’t a drain pipe but central vacuum…

Hmmm… wonder what the rating for “suction” is? :p:D

I though of that.

BTW-Vac pip is usually schedule 20 not 40

other than the obvious smart A*** answer “20” what is the difference. And why would anyone care? (I don’t know a thing about vacuum systems.)

Wall thickness.

The installer would care because 20 is cheaper than 40.

So functionally speaking…it doesn’t matter?

Not on a vacume system