Is this PVC?

Can anyone tell me if this grey piping is PVC material, and if so, is it approved for use in plumbing DWV? I don’t believe it is.


Looks quite black in the picture…could it be ABS…that stuff is black up here.

Resembles electrical conduit to me. Whatever it is, it looks like its flowing uphill and I see water on the bottom of the p-trap. Refer it to a plumber and wipe the sweat off your forehead!

PVC comes in a variety of colors, including dark gray.

It’s definitely not ABS. It is dark gray, and I thought it was electrical conduit also, but was not sure. I will refer to plumber. And yes Joe, it is back pitched and there was a leak at the sink tail piece. Thanks for the input guys.

It’s PVC Schedule 80, which is pressure pipe and not suitable for a drainage (DWV) system (sharp bend compared to sweeping bend for drainage). It looks like it also reduces down at the Fernco fitting??? Which is also a no-no.
The whole contraption needs repiped by a real plumber, not Uncle Ralph after a six-pack of Blatz.

I’m thinking that is a dishwasher drain which is increased, not reduced but I agree, that doesn’t look like any plumbing pipe ell to me.

IF it is a DW drain, it’s under pressure, not a gravity drain so the square 90 wouldn’t be a big deal BUT still, it’s not properly plumed though.