Water back-up

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Just thought I would make everyone smirk a little this morning.

I am doing my inspection and all is going well...until I flush the toilet. Oh boy....water slowly creeping out from the base...funny thing was the toilet did not seem to be loose enough to allow the water to seep out. Next is the whirlpool tub...I fill it, never leaving while it is filling (cardinal rule) I run the motor, (jets) check for leaks through the access door, grounding,stabilization, blah,blah, blah and all looks good. I go to pull the plug and drain the tub and WHAWHO!!!! I have a full blown geiser backing out of the washing machine/grey water drain. Buyers are running for the door, agent is running for a towel...Seller states "that happened last week also" ![icon_confused.gif](upload://qv5zppiN69qCk2Y6JzaFYhrff8S.gif)

Written up "Recommend Lic. plumber evaluate service and system"

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icon_smile.gif No vent no waste, but paste in your face.


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I have had several funny’s lately, Friday I was on the roof and the home owner comes running out screaming;“What did you do I knew you were on the roof there is water coming through the ceiling and that has never happened before.” icon_eek.gif It’s a 100 degrees not a cloud in site and I haven’t even been in the attic. So I hurry to the attic to check the A/C drip pan. Not one drop of water in the drip pan. The main drain line seems like it sure has a lot more moisture than normal. Then the husband arrives home goes up in the attic and says uh oh I accidently cut the drain line. I thought I was going to hear it for that one, but the Husband I’m sure heard all about it after I left.