Grey water drain

Hey guys. Im looking for a good article on grey water drains. Does anybody have a link?

Check to see if they are allowed in your area first.

I know you must have fretted over this, as most do. It may help your research. :wink:

Not sure about your area but here in New England grey water has to go into the septic or sewer.

If there is a water softening system then the back wash is allowed to discharg to a dry well.

After asking around, grey (gray) water drains are allowed outside most cities.

Interesting fact. I did a Google search for “Grey water drain Michigan” and found this very thread listed among the search results, top of page 2.

Wow, that was fast.

Is there a requirement to have them discharge into a dry well?

Yes, however I could not confirm that they had one.

so is there a difference in the material of gray (grey) PVC and white PVC?

Funny Robert.

Thank you Nick. I couldn’t find this due to my search “Misspelling”

235,000+ pages on InterNACHI’s website. It’s getting ridiculous.

Some people have no sense of humor. :roll::p;-)

Greywater in TN means dump a pipe outside the wall in a ditch