Grouding at the main panel

Hello everyone… my first post ! The first pic is the exterior panel just below the meter. Isn’t the GEC supposed to be connected to the neutral in this panel ?

The second pic is the interior sub-panel. Comments on my above question and any other issues are welcomed ! Other than the GEC issue, I don’t see any other problems with these panels (correct me if I am wrong).

The connection for the GEC should be visible in your first picture.

Additionally, there should be an equipment grounding conductor leaving the first panel and attached to the grounding terminal at the “sub” panel - it may be that the conduit is providing this bond, but it’s not visible in your photos.

Is this equipment listed for use as service equipment?

I wonder if the bond screw is just below the neutral lug near the top of the buss?

Perhaps the grounding is in the meter socket?

Not possible to tell from this picture. It could just be some home made fused disconnect from what is in the pic. Would need to see the entire enclosure and better yet the manufacturer label to answer your question.