Grounding on electrical service panel

Can anyone tell me if this grounding is okay?


Phil Wise

If that’s all there is then no, it’s not okay.
Do you have a shot of the entire panel?

Here is a shot of the whole panel.

Sorry but I can’t see the whole panel photo that well on my phone right now, is that a sub panel?

Looks like the GEC goes through the bonding bushing and then to the meter enclosure. The three green EGC’s cannot be within that same lug. The GEC raceway is missing a locknut.

Ok…I do not see the GEC going to the Grounded connection point as defined in 250.24(A):

(A) System Grounding Connections. A premises wiring
system supplied by a grounded ac service shall have a
grounding electrode conductor connected to the grounded
service conductor
, at each service, in accordance with
250.24(A)(1) through (A)(5).

So I would defer on that count and they can address the other issues.

I’m guessing but it appears to be going into the meter enclosure where the connection is permitted in some jurisdictions.

Thanks Robert Meier

Indeed…BUT from how I look at it I don’t see that connections. I only see it coming into the left panel, and stopping in that side. Being used to bond the SE Raceway. But again maybe I just don’t see it.

Let me look at it on my laptop back at my hotel room versus this freakin small phone screen in an Uber…lol

AHHH…I see it now. Well let’s HOPE it does…lol since thats about all we can assume at this point…lol

I think the GEC goes down in the PVC sleeve and the rest are to pick up the bond bushings.

Thanks guys

Yeah…its the part that appears to head into the meter that remains the question. However, we both know a test device that could check that connection between the GEC that disappears into the meter cabinet and the neutral that is terminated in the main panel…a good ole’ continuity test would reveal a lot. However, beyond the scope of the HI indeed.