Ground problem?

Opened up the electrical panel and found the cable typically used as the ground wire back to the meter was not connected. As I’m looking at the panel, every breaker is ACFI or GFCI, other than the two pole breakers for the range and clothes dryer. The cables for both of the two-pole breakers were three wire, no ground in case anyone cares. I don’t think I’ve seen a panel previous to this where EVERY breaker was a combo GFCI/AFCI. I know the breakers connect directly to the bus bars for the neutral connections. I think I’m over-thinking this due the ‘lack’ of neutral wires - is there any reason the ground cable wouldn’t be connected in this application? Isn’t it supposed to be and not just bonding everything and running it back to the meter socket on the neutral leg? GEC located at base of meter socket.


In some locales, the GEC will terminate inside the meter can on the neutral terminal. When this is done, you don’t need to run an additional wire to bond the main panel – the bonding is already accomplished via the neutral wire. This is why you see the GEC going inside the meter enclosure.

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Looks like they ran SER cable (4 conductors) when only SEU (3 conductors) were required. The bare conductor should not be connected. I despise the Mickey Mouse ears in the wire.


I wondered about that and didn’t think so, either.

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Agree with a Robert, SER when SE was needed. The unnecessary conductors was just taped off.

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Thank you all for your input!

That 4th wire should not be there unless there is a disconnect at the meter. if that is the case the ground should be bonded to the panel and isolated from the neutral