Ground Rod Corrosion

In case you don’t know the power of rust----26 years of corrosion on a ground rod in Southwest Florida


Nah that is caused by metal eating termites , wait to you get the concrete ones

That is obviously weed eater damage.

Sorry not weed eater damage—not even near grass it was under a hedge below the meter can about four feet away from any grass, note the mulch not grass around rod in photos.

Probably would still be fine if it was installed properly below the surface of the earth.

Sorry Fred, I was being sarcastic.


Now that’s funny… how I… (one of the most sarcastic peeps walking the earth)… missed that is very funny! No worries my friend :smiley:

Has anyone considered using a strong cap? It won’t prevent rod corrosion but it will prevent the corrosion of the connection to the rod.