Ground to Common Jumper

I inspected a house built in the 1950’s and as expected, the three prong outlets were ungrounded until I found a grounded one in the living room. I removed the cover plate and found a jumper from the ground screw to the common screw. The only reason to do this that I can think of is to fool the tester. How would you write this up? From a learning perspective, what is the problem?

Bootleg ground found at XXX location .
Electric system should be checked by an Electrician immediately .

Improper wiring observed at one or more locations.Recommend home be evaluated by a licensed electrician and repaired as necessary for safe and adequate service.

And put a photo with it.

Just curious, for a situation like this do you test every receptacle and note the improper ones or just pass it off to the electrician for further evaluation?

what Roy said…

I will identify it as “one or more” and advise all be checked / corrected. If the house has furnishings, I know I will not be able to check them all myself and I’m only spot checking behind the covers anyway.

If I find one that needs repair I report it’s location and that’s all for me.
Get the Complete system checked .

Depending on the wiring method the bootleg has just put neutral current on the metal parts of the system and creed a shock hazard.