Who gave me this bootlet ground photo?

Killer photo of a bootleg ground, for some reason I failed to get the inspectors name on it.

I wonder why they even did that. The box is grounded in the back.

This is not a bootleg ground .
This Box has a ground and this was the normal way of doing it in Canada 40+ years ago .


This not a bootleg ground as the box is grounded.
No idea why they added a jumper from the neutral to box.
Years ago the Box grnd was enough

I’m confused. The hot conductor has a jumper from the hot screw tof the outlet to the grounding screw of the outlet for… ? The neutral is connected to the grounding screw of the box, but the metal tab is not broken between the neutral screw and hot screw of the outlet, so basically the box and outlet are energized or the breaker keeps tripping and none of this circuit stays energized for more than about 5 milliseconds or however long it takes the breaker to trip.

Is that right?

No. The jumper is on the neutral and ground screw (bootleg ground). Although illegal to do it for grounding, there was no reason to. The metal box was already grounded. All they had to do was splice the existing ground and connect to the ground screw on the receptacle.

Just use a self grounding receptacle without the illegal jumper and it would be code complaint.

The neutrals and hot sides cannot have a tab between them. It would be a dead short, even if not grounded.

The silver screw is the neutral, not the hot. The hot is brass colored.

There. Now it’s just a plain old bootleg ground without those other complications. I presume this is for your flashcard project?

That was my picture Kenton.

Thanks, Erik. Got your name on the others.

Right, what I thought was a black conductor attached to that screw is actually a black conductor that visually aligns with the tip of the jumper but that connects to a screw on the other side.

Yes it is, thank you Chuck!

Actually, just securing the outlet to the metal box would do it. :wink:

What would you say about the photo (as originally posted) in a report?

In that case you would need to use a self-grounding receptacle to be code complaint.

I explain the hazard by noting that exposed parts of equipment plugged into the outlets could be “live” if the neutral is disconnected in the circuit. That gets the message across.