Grounding aluminum siding

Aluminum siding should be grounded on at least sides, correct?. Do many of you run into this? How it you generally report it? Thanks for your help!:slight_smile:


This specific issue will get you many varied answers and personal opinions.

I’ve never red-flagged missing ground wire on aluminum siding. It is required in some Jurisdictions (not all) for metal clad siding to be bonded. This is usually accomplished by running bond wire to a solid ground such as a ground rod or the exterior spigot. Screws are placed trough the metal siding, where it is doubled up on the lower course.

NEC refers you to 250-116 which talks about grounding of nonelectric equipment. It states ."…***The metal parts of non-electric equipment shall be grounded.***… "and in the fine print notes it states "Where extensive metal in or on buildings may become energized and is subject to personal contact, adequate bonding and grounding will provide additional safety."

This issue was also touched on here…

No, you do not have to ground alum. siding…the potential for a good connection from this is remote in most all cases with regards to Alum. Siding.

If you would like the code references let me know…basically it can be an enhancement IF it can be assured the bond will be consistant…but in the nature of siding it is nearly impossible…

Here is how the NEC Handbook Explains the Art 250.116

" Because metal siding on a building is not electrical equipment, it is outside the scope of the CODE (see 90.2(A).) Therefore, the CODE cannot require that it be grounded. Quite often, however, luminaries, signs and receptacles are installed on buildings with metal siding that COULD become energized. Grounding of metal siding reduces the risk of shock to persons who may come in contact with the siding."

So welcome to a NEC double standard…while it is not required and would be quite difficult to achieve on siding…it will reduce possible hazards if grounded…the reason aluminum siding is not specifically listed in the code is again due to the hard nature of ensuring its complete bond.

Less us not forget " grounding " and " Bonding" are two different things…so if you are speaking of a POOL area…totally different things what the question asked.

Thnaks guys! The house is 25 yrs old and in a 50+ community. The house has plenty of other issues to deal with, don’t think I’ll make the siding one. :slight_smile:

Hi to all,

is this a manufactured/mobile home by any chance, as in some instances due to the contruction types the siding is required to be bonded?



No. It is a normal stick built.


With regards to Grounding and such in a Mobile Home and Mobile Home Parks as well as Manufactured Homes they must meet the requirements of 550.16 having to do with grounding......

While the example shown in the article still can have exceptions as shown in Art 250.32(B) ..however as I believe joe has stated they are looking to "re-define " the article 250.32(B) to clear up confussion.

 What is important in this is.....when bonding at the mobile home lets say..if is important that the grounded and grounding buss is isolated to ensure none of the metal parts which are required to be bonded can become energized....

This entire thing is something we spend (2) days on in teaching grounding and bonding.....can get VERY detailed.....much more than can be handled on the board without confussion.