Rear porch screen enclosure not grounded?

A friend just called me & wanted to know what I thought of this -
The home inspector put in his report that the metal framed screen enclosure (back porch) was not grounded.
Perhaps he is messed up & stated it incorrectly?
The pool equipt requires electrical bonding, usually the bond wire would be attached to the bottom of the screen frame (like my home).
But I’ve never heard of this before.
What say you? THANKS

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Is this simply a screened porch or is it around or near a pool ? If so, how far away?

Where did the pool come from? Grounding and bonding of pools is article 680.6. I’ve never heard of bonding screen enclosures. Why stop there, metal sheds, tin roofs, swing sets, flag poles, …


That seems like overkill, why not bond every piece of metal in the entire house while you’re at it!!

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That’s what I was thinking. Errr… … there’s a 4’ metal fence-grounded-NOT.

Here’s a pic I asked for & sent.

Certainly looks to be within the distance of the pool to require bonding.


“All metal within 5’ feet of the pool.” As long as one portion of a continuous metal curtain is within 5’ feet of a pool it meets bonding requirements.

Question: Was there metal siding with a metal clad window frames?

Agreed Jim, just like my pool inside the enclosure.
However the report states the screen frame is not grounded… … …

Could just be confusing terms or a lack of knowledge.

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Thanks again. That’s what I figured.

It’s been a requirement for quite some time if pool is in range.

Inspector is correct if within 5’ of the edge of the pool but should have used the correct term equipotential bonded.

680.26(B)(7) Fixed Metal Parts. All fixed metal parts shall be bonded including, but not limited to, metal-sheathed cables and race‐ ways, metal piping, metal awnings, metal fences, and metal door and window frames.
Exception No. 1: Those separated from the pool by a permanent barrier that prevents contact by a person shall not be required to be bonded.
Exception No. 2: Those greater than 1.5 m (5 ft) horizontally from the inside walls of the pool shall not be required to be bonded.
Exception No. 3: Those greater than 3.7 m (12 ft) measured vertically above the maximum water level of the pool, or as measured vertically above any observation stands, towers, or platforms, or any diving structures, shall not be required to be bonded.

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Thank you all!
He scared the buyers & insists it is not grounded.
Ho hum… … …

That’s what was confusing and why I questioned where the pool came from. The way I read it Marc had the pool but his friend did not (merely a screened enclosure, which would not require bonding).