grounding & bonding

When you have two electrical panels side by side , In other words 200 amp service in to a home with the second panel acting as a sub panel , does the second panel require its own separate ground. or is bonding to the main panel which is grounded , sufficient

An equipment grounding conductor run with the feeder and sized according to the OCPD ahead of the feeder is all that’s required.

It does not need a separate ground. If the panels are bonded together by a conducting conduit, make sure the sub-panel neutral bar is not bonded to the panel and the equipment grounds are separated from the neutral buss on their own buss attached to the sub panel.

Good point. You still need an EGC (equipment grounding conductor) between the two panels but, as Gregory stated, that EGC is not required to be a separate wire conductor. It could be a metallic raceway or a metallic fitting that is an approved equipment grounding conductor.

Key here is…a conductor is not always a “WIRE”…always keep that in mind. For approved EGC’s see [250.118]

And then there are other types of conducters .

My dad worked for the rail way and I wanted to be a conducter .


Awesome…My grand father was a conductor as well. He died 30 days before I was born and never got to meet him…He’s waiting to meet me now…I told him last night (prayers) that I will meet him someday (just not soon I hope)

My Grandpa and my Dad were Engineers on the South Shore railroad. No picture to share but I will get one. I blew the whistle at 10 but ended up being the other type of engineer. (They have much better retirement!!) :smiley: