Grounding Electrode Conductor

It does absolutely no good, if it isn’t attached :wink:

It’s always a good idea to follow and verify the connection if at all possible. . .


Where is the rest of the story…go ahead Jeff post it, you want to, I want you to, everyone intrigued by your Zinsco and FP service equipment want you to…:-;;

I have been a little disappointed lately to tell you the truth, you used to be good for one beauty a week, lately…zilch…:smiley:

Sorry to disappoint Dale, but this was the worst of it for today’s inspections (in electrical matters anyway).

It was a relatively new service upgrade in this 1924 home.

I think the conductor is a “beauty”—and a very good reminder. I’d bet most of us have sorta passed over that possibilty.

I just put a big BLUE reminder in my note sheets…

thanks JP–you’re the best!!

Or bonding…](*,)

Hey Dale, at least it’s TOUCHING the pipe!! :mrgreen:

You wonder if it **ever **had a clamp.

That concientious painter wanted to paint the whole clamp pink, not just the outside. Hey, it’s lunch time!

To be honest I just use the resistance to ground feature on my SureTest to check ground integrity. Often the connection is hidden behind a finished basement wall or some other hard to access place.