Grounding Wire help....

Hi Electrical Experts,

I need a little help on this one please. I am not sure what to make of this loose conductor in these pictures. The grounding conductor seems to go to the meter box as you can see in the one picture, but what do you think the “loose” conductor is? Bonding? Electrical is still an area I have to learn on, help here would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.




100_4045 (Small).JPG

100_4043 (Small).JPG

100_4048 (Small).JPG

Looks like an old ground for the telephone equipment. By the way, the clamp that is on the white wire is for water pipe. Also the ground rod should be driven on down to grtound level and the grounding cable should be strapped.

Has insulation been scraped off of the wire just before it gets to the grounding clamp? If there is insulation on the wire, I believe it is the wrong kind of wire for the job of grounding. So, is that insulation I see, or do I see solid, UNINSULATED wire. Insulated; it would be an not grounded electrical system and then I would call it out, for sure!
George Maher
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Being an old ground for telephone equip. makes sense to me. Thank you for the answer!