Hi, student inspector, getting ready to take the exam next month. Been practicing whenever possible. Just curious about the picture since I have not seen this before. Is this common practice to use the bathroom sink? The panel is right outside this half bath. Other issues like broken and corroded valves and an active leak.

Thanks in advance

I would not say this was common but can be found in older homes.

Grounding to plumbing pipes is not considered safe anymore because a section of the plumbing system may have been replaced or can be replaced with PEX which does not conduct electricity. I would recommend this be evaluated by a licensed electrician for correction.

Thanks a lot. Very helpful

you’re welcome

great answer

No, this is not acceptable, or common practice anywhere I’ve ever inspected.
The main water supply pipe is acceptable in some jurisdictions as a grounding electrode but the connection needs to be made near where the pipe penetrates the foundation and on the supply side of the meter.

You need to be asking your local building department instead of asking on the message boards. What’s acceptable varies by area.