grounds and neutrals

Again, in todays inspection we found where the grounds and neutrals are sharing the same termination point. Why is this a no no? In my thinking they are sharing the same bus anyway?

In the main panel they can be on the same busbar but not under the same screw. Keep the neutrals one per lug. The grounds can be up to 3, depending on the label.

Greg, why not under the same lug? There are sharing the same bus. I know the neutrals have potential current.

If two neutrals get loose that are from different legs you can get 240v across them. Remember that a light bulb will pass the voltage even when it is not on if the neutral is not connected. If your body gets in series with the loose neutral and ground the light will glow as you are being elecrocuted.

The best explanation I’ve ever seen of this is on TIJ (The Inspector’s Journal) forum.

See the downloadable document from Jim Katen in his reply (2nd from top).