Neutral & ground photo

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I always report when there are two or more neutrals sharing the same lug. It’s probably ok to have multiple ground wires in the same lug but each neutral wire should have its own connection.

Neutrals and grounds should not share the same lug. . .

What’s the reasoning behind not sharing the same bar. Is there a specific reference. When I report it I’ll need some backup since the answer I get will be that the city passed the inspection on it.

You’re a third party code inspector?

No, not a code inspector… but still need to know the reason why it’s not allowed so I can pass it on and any code reference if it exists.

**408.21 Grounded Conductor Terminations. **Each grounded conductor shall terminate within the panelboard in an individual terminal that is not also used for another conductor.

thanks a bunch…

They can be in the same busbar, just not the same hole. You also should not connect neutrals to the busbar(s) that are bolted to the cabinet. That is for grounding only. You are using the main bonding jumper to conduct circuit current (250.6)

I notice that atleast one of the cases where the “Grounded” and “Grounding” conductors are sharing the same termination point…and it appears one is larger than the other within the termination…which is exactly one of the reasons it is something you should call out…no possible way for a termination to be solid with two different size conductors going into the same termination point…which leads to other issues.