In what world would it be okay to do this? This is in the attic by the way.

Interesting! Is this from the electrical panel or some HO add on?

Maybe the place was wired with old NM cable that did not contain an EGC?

That was my initial thought as well. Valiant effort :smiley:

What gets me is they even misspelled ground.

You forgot to add the accent. Write it like you speak it! :wink:

Robert that is excactly what happened. How does that make this mess okay?

I have video , alarm, ham radio wire of all sorts running in my attic.
Grounds are fine hots and not.

Don’t believe this complies with the true intent NEC 250.130© in my opinion. Creative at best.

It is soooo out of the norm, I’d have to call it out. Let a licensed Sparky evaluate regardless of why it was done.